Nasouvací příčné dělítko k nacvaknutí,Vybavení lékáren Pharma-Org, s držákem popisky

Pro lékárenské systémy Pharma-Org – Nacvakávací dělítko

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  • Vybavení systémové zásuvky Pharma-Org
  • Drawer variations

    Practical, stylish, easy to access

    The drawers can be individually equipped with any front panel components made from solid wood, glass, plastic or with insert plates made from wood, plastic, textile, glass or metal. They therefore give distinction to the appearance of the pharmacy, and adapt to the overall architectural impression. Equipping takes place using a wooden panel made from different types of wood which can be optionally used for hooking into the keyhole slots, or a frame handle for sliding onto the front panel.

    The pull out base panels are melamine-coated, made from perforated sheet metal or acrylic glass. They are designed to have a load bearing capacity of up to approx. 20 kg (distributed over the entire drawer).


    Drilling dimensions for front fixing

    Clip-on panel

    Clip-on panels and gallery rail system for flexible drawer heights

    A gallery rail system with panel that can be screwed to the pull out is available for extremely large items (total height = double drawer front height).

    (1) Side railing,

    (2) front clip-on panel

    Additional drawer front installation

    (1) Side railing,

    (2) rear clip-on panel

    Additional rear panel installed

    Individual equipment – suitable for all Pharma‐Org drawers

    The Pharma-Org drawer in detail

    (1) The side component is made from a side profile with slots at intervals which is welded to a precision guide rail. This combination provides exact guidance and extremely good stability.

    (2) Inset slots at intervals for accommodating crossways dividers

    (3)The Pharma-Org drawer is optionally supplied with fixed or retrofittable lengthways dividers.

    (4) The front and rear sections have an extremely stable design and are equipped for quick and easy mounting of the front panels, handles and panel extensions.

    (5) The plastic coated, dust-proof precision ball bearings that have been in use for decades are the guarantee of low noise and maintenance-free running.

    Base panel variants

    The Pharma-Org drawer is the result of decades of experience in storing medicines.

    The following base panel variants can be optionally implemented:

    • wooden shelf: Foil coated on both sides in white or silver, extremely hard-wearing
    • acrylic glass base: For clear view of contents, specially designed for medicines in the upper drawers
    • wire base: Powder coated, on expanded metal. Provides a view of the medicines and makes cleaning easier

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    Pro lékárenské systémy Pharma-Org – Nacvakávací dělítko

    Č. výr. 701.19.460

    Č. výr. 701.19.460

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    Nasouvací příčné dělítko k nacvaknutí,Vybavení lékáren Pharma-Org, s držákem popisky

    Pro lékárenské systémy Pharma-Org – Nacvakávací dělítko

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    Nasouvací příčné dělítko k nacvaknutí s držákem popisky


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